What is Your Money Mindset?

We are coming up to tax season and you may have started looking at your sales and expenses from last year. You might be seeing that your sales are not where you want them to be or even that your expenses are higher than expected compared to your sales and this may be causing panic. The realization that there is just not enough money coming in.   

If you are working your butt off trying to increase revenues, applying sales tactics and maybe even reorganizing the operations of your business so it runs smoother, and you are finding you’re still not earning the money you want - this may be a red flag that you need to look at your money mindset.

Your money mindset is your money belief system and this has a huge impact on how you earn money. I co-taught an online course at the end of December called the Burnout Recovery Program with mindset master Arne Pederson and Arne made it very clear that all of those feelings of being burned out, not fulfilled, or not good enough all have to do with our subconscious mind running the show. Our subconscious mind actually runs 95% of how we think!!

Because 95% of brain is subconscious and what we think turns into our behaviors that means that willpower has nothing to do with it. What it does mean though is that it’s time to start looking at your mindset and beliefs around money because they might be sabotaging all of your hard work.  

Common Beliefs about money:

  1. I’m not good with money and numbers (this was a huge one for me but once I figured out that I just needed to look at money and numbers in a different way everything changed for me)

  2. Money causes problems

  3. There’s not enough for everyone – Competition and lack of clients

  4. I have to work too hard for the kind of money I want

  5. People with money are greedy or are not nice people

You may have heard any of these statements when you were growing up (from family members or friends) and have taken them on as your own beliefs and carried them into adulthood. But guess what…now it’s time to look at your mindset because it might be sabotaging all of your hard work in your spa business.

Start exploring what your money mindset is. What comes up for you when you start thinking about earning your big hairy, audacious goal?

You don’t have to do anything with those thoughts. Just sit with them or write them down and be aware of them. When you have awareness, you can start to question whether or not they are actually true!

It’s not a quick fix but we can change our limiting beliefs.

If you are interested in the work my friend Arne Pederson does in the field of hypnotherapy you can check out his website www.awarenessinhealth.com. I absolutely love my sessions with him and I am excited to keep shifting my own money mindset.

Watch the video below where I dive deeper into these beliefs about money and talk about how you can challenge them with a little self awareness.

If you need any help shifting your money mindset & your business outcomes reach out!