What Are You Waiting For?

When asked what the biggest struggle is for spa owners is motivation is always at the top of the list! Spa owners are consistently looking for support to targeting and meeting their goals. 

I get it, as a business coach I see how lack of motivation is detrimental to your business. It gets in the way of completing projects that support growth, it stunts your ability to move forward successfully. 

It impacts nearly every area of your business and more importantly it impacts your level of happiness and productivity.

What's insane about it is that you KNOW you need to do these things, but because they are hard, or frustrating, or uncomfortable you hesitate and that hesitation invites in the opportunity to procrastinate, to avoid. 

Another fact is as long as we are sitting back waiting for motivation to come nothing is happening. A vicious circle. 

I speak out the science of why behind this in depth in my most recent Spa Business Break: