Wellness Drains Happening In the Spa

Last week I posted an interview I collaborated on with my friend Arne Pederson, a Hypnotherapist, Energy Practitioner & Energy Management Educator at Awareness In Health. Arne gave us a few great tip on how to take care of our personal energy while working with guests and team members. Today I want to share a Periscope I did a few weeks ago because it speaks to the same issue: how to keep you and your teams energetic ‘tank’ full when the spa is constantly draining it. And I feel it's ESPECIALLY important to talk about this as we enter THE busiest time of the year in the spa industry.

In this video, I share specific actions you may be guilty of allowing to happen in your spa (and maybe you don’t even realize what you're currently doing is toxic to you and your business!) plus ideas on how to create change if you recognize yourself in what I’m saying.