Website Audits End Marketing Confusion

Website Audits End Marketing Confusion

-> Do you had the sneaking suspicion your website isn't the marketing masterpiece it could be?  You know it needs updating... but do you know what those changes should be?  Besides, you are too busy to have the mental bandwidth to sort it out anyways.

 -> Have you recently created a new website and are wondering if you've missed some critical aspects?  You want it to not only look 'pretty', but also be a powerful marketing tool that consistently sends you new clients.


Your salon website has one BIG JOB to do: to be a strong lead generator for your business.

What is a 'lead generator' and why do you need one?

Quite simply, Lead Generation is a system that captures a new guests (the leads) attention and compels them (the generator) to either contact you with more questions or have those prospective clients self-select your services and go straight to booking appointments.

So yes...you need to use your website to be a lead generator. This is what marketing is all about...to capture leads.

If your current website isn't doing that, you are working way too hard to get clients calling.

How do you make your website a strong lead generator?

I'm afraid it's not good enough for it to be a pretty online brochure with your contact information on it.  Nope...it should be working much harder than that and still look attractive. The issue for most business owners and website marketing is they don't know what they don't know.  So how could you know?!

Being a salon owner, I can relate to having to wear many hats in our work.  Some of those hats don't fit well (but I still wear), some of which I don't like at all (and refuse to even try it on).

But the reality is, I still have to get it done, regardless of if I'm good at it or not. For example, the items I struggle with (bookkeeping, accounting, website coding), I farm out to trusted and knowledgable experts.  It would take me forever to figure out something like website coding and I would be very cranky while I was at it.

The stuff  I AM good at?  I do for myself and teach others...saving everyone time, money & frustration.  So why don't you hand off what you aren't great at with your website and let me do most of the heavy lifting?


I have just launched a new service for business owners.  This isn't even posted on my "work with me" page yet...I just wanted to share with you asap!

Re:Freshed Website Audit ($97)

Here's how it works:

1) Upon payment, we schedule a 20 min call to discuss the focus & goals of your business. This is to ensure I am making recommendations that are specific for the aesthetic feel and the business outcomes you want.

2) Before we end this call, I will give you a date when your completed website audit will be ready. The reason I'm able to give this service a such a great price is because I can fit it into my schedule where available.  I promise your audit will be completed within one week.

 3) During your Re:Freshed Website Audit, I will hop on to your website, open up my screen recording software and begin going through your website, page-by-page talking about what could be and should be changed.  You will hear suggestions based on what stimulates excellent lead generation and integrates the focus & outcomes we spoke about.

4) When the audit is complete, it will be rendered to video and you will be sent a private link to watch at your convenience.

5) I pass the reigns over for you to follow up with the advice I've given in the video.  This service is 'done-with-you' (me giving the advice and you following through with the suggestions) to help keep your marketing costs low.  You can watch this video audit as many times as you wish, take notes, get started on a few points...possibly make a plan if some big changes need to happen.


Two weeks after your video is sent to you, I'm giving you 1 week of email support. If you have any burning questions or issues, this is the time to email me for help and perspectives.  The intention is to keep the momentum of upgrading and fine-tuning your website changes and to help solidify your new-found knowledge of website marketing.

If it turns out you need me to take over your to-do list for your website...that could certainly be an option and we can talk about it.

Your website can be a marketing powerhouse for growing a strong, sustainable business...let's make it happen!

If you are ready to get started, click here to purchase then reply to this email and we'll schedule an intake call.