Want To Step Up Your Professional Development? Read This First.

Want To Step Up Your Professional Development?

The kids are back in school this month, and so should you!

Don’t think for a moment that your cosmetology school gave you enough training to last the length of your career or allow for making enough money to support yourself well.

The biggest mistake you can make in your career is not planning for continual upgrading. And when I say planning, I actually mean committing: signing up, paying for it, putting it in your calendar and showing up.

People will come up with all sorts of excuse to ditch education. Most of the time, the issue is they simply can’t see what’s in it for them.

So, in case you struggle to see the value of continuing education in your business, I’d like to shine a light on four big reasons why scheduling a full year of professional development in your salon calendar is a ticket to fast-tracking success.

1.  When you make a year-long professional development plan for both your hands-on skill set & business training, it means you have a strong commitment to your business development. Anything you put focus to grows. Period.

2.  Your current clientele loves to know that you are keeping up-to-date on industry trends and business efficiencies. The more you attend these classes, the more your clients respect and trust you. Respect & trust mean more opportunity to book and refer to your salon.

3.  You will be confident knowing that you business will not be left behind as other salons & spas in your area grow.  You may even take the lead!

4.  You get to grow into the business you want. I don’t necessarily mean you have to grow larger in space or staff, I mean your business can mature and develop into deeper, more focused & profitable ways.

What do I love about 2014?  Salon professional development is so much easier to come by than ever before. Often, you do not have to leave your home to catch online training or webinars. ☚ Click to Tweet 

Here are my steps for scheduling and committing to your business growth:

▶︎  Research available courses through your product lines, beauty supply companies, trade shows, publications and favourite mentors for in-person and online courses, workshops and webinars.

▶︎  To get new training info as it launches, sign up for trade show & your favorite company updates, either via social media or their mailing list.

▶︎  If you are active in professional forums or Facebook groups, ask your fellow members which Pro-D courses they liked the best & why.

▶︎  Once you have a list of classes that interest you, take out your one year business calendar (digital or paper).

▶︎  Pick a Pro-D colour to enter in your classes. This helps you see at-a-glance when your next class is booked for easy organization.

▶︎  Choose 1 Pro-D Class per month and fill in the year!  Some months are much busier (professionally & personally) than others for you.  I give you full permission to skip your summer training and for the month of December.

▶︎  If you cannot find a class for a particular month, leave the day open for when classes are launched. Whatever you do...keep your commitment for once per month training.

▶︎  Don't forget to schedule time for homework (if needed).

Bonuses for Professional Development:

The contacts you meet at these events are invaluable.  I've met some incredibly smart colleagues by doing this and we continue to help each other with our businesses.  Great minds think alike...stay connected for future possibilities! ☚ Click to Tweet

Make sure you send an email blast to your clients to share your latest training.  Not only is this strengthening your brand, but it's creating a point-of-difference for your business.  Let me tell you, most salon owners are NOT getting out there to learn the latest & greatest.

Take this into consideration: with each class you participate in, every month you will always have new ideas for your business to grow and deepen.  No more trying to pull a marketing rabbit out of a hat!  You will have fantastic momentum for creating fresh services to offer your guests, new concepts to work smarter and new streams of income to generate revenues.

There’s not time like the present. Start researching your yearlong professional development right now!