Hiring Mindsets That Create Outstanding Teams

Solo Estheticians - Are you rocking it in your spa business and ready to leverage your business growth?

Before you hire, I want to talk to you about hiring mindset – It can feel a bit sticky when it comes to shifting from a solo spa owner to a spa with a team. The whole dynamic changes, and if you are not prepared for the shift that comes with having a team you are setting yourself up for a lot of stress.

So what kind of mindset do you need to shift into before you start recruiting? 

  1. Be very clear about your spa values and your vision – You want to have a clear vision of where your business is going in the next 2 to 5 years and be very clear of what your big, hairy, audacious goal is. You also need to be EPICLY clear on your values before you hire.  I would also encourage you to ask potential hires what their values are in the interview. Asking this question in the interview process allows you to see if a potential employee is a good fit and aligned with your own values.

  2.  Slow down – Don't let the sense of urgency drive your need to hire. If you are feeling panicked about needing to more help, you might miss some red flags in the interview process. When you slow down you are able to hear what a potential hire is saying between the lines.

    If I can give you one piece of advice today about hiring: Hiring a team member is not a quick fix.

 Tips for preparing to hire:

  1. Your employees and not friends – If you are treating your employees like friends it muddies the waters of the relationship between you and your team member and this can lead to an erosion of trust.

  2. You have a duty as a leader and a manager to make sure there are systems set up for your team – If you need to slow down the hiring process to give yourself some time to create new systems, that is okay.

  3. You have a duty to properly train, coach and support your team members – Again, hiring a team is not a quick fix. It is a lot of work and you need to be prepared for the responsibility. But when you set yourself up for success, you set your team up for success.

Watch the video below to learn more about making thoughtful and methodical decisions before you hire. If you need some help getting your spa ready for a team, I am here to help.