Vulnerability + The Entrepreneur

There are two sides to any entrepreneur. The passionate, creative leader who shares their gift with the world with a deep-down knowing that it’s right. And the scared, overwhelmed soul who is unsure how their business will ‘make it’.

We entrepreneurs are the visionaries. The leaders. The ones carrying the light & leading the way. The cheerleaders. The calm in the storm.

We blend our imagination, insight & boldness to bring out the best in others.

Yes! This is who we really are when we are connected to the magic of our gift. We feel like we could do it forever. For free. For joy.

But being a visionary & a leader can have a dark side.

Often we mistakenly believe we are alone.

We believe we have to come up with all the answers, all the ideas, all the plans, all the strategies or else we are not true leaders and entrepreneurs. In that dark place we believe we might even be a fraud.

Vulnerability it is ever-so-uncomfortable for a leader.

But even during momentary times of self-doubt when we allow ourselves to wonder if our business is really meant to be...when it comes right down to it, we can’t imagine doing anything else.

Sometimes a leader reaches out their hand not to help someone else out of the mud...but to seek a lifeline out of their own mess.

Seasoned leaders know it’s impossible to share their gift to all those who need it if they attempt to do it alone. Their answer? Create a team of like-minded souls that have their own magic to add to the visionary recipe.

The result is an explosion of innovative, courageous action.

If you are struggling...ask for help. There is no strength is being afraid to ask. Feel vulnerable but push through it. Ask for help in spite of being afraid of appearing weak.

Be brave.

Even if you only ask in your mind. Acknowledge to yourself that you want help and you are open to whomever/whatever is the right fit for you.

Trust me...help will show up in the most delightful places!