Tips For Your Spa's Holiday Marketing Plan!

With December 1st being less than 30 days away, it is time to start thinking about your spa’s holiday marketing plan! Typically we reach a point in November where we have a bit of downtime in our spas. Some of you may be scrambling to put together a last minute marketing plan to fill your spa’s appointment book, but the truth is that if you are just now starting to put November marketing ideas in place, it is already too late.

The best use of your time in November is to concentrate on your December marketing plan so that you are not rushing when it comes to marketing for the busiest month of the year for spa owners!

The first step in creating your spa’s marketing plan for December is to start with creating specific goals for your spa. Check out the video below to see how I help you break down and specify your spa goals as well as help determine the best plan of action to carry out a consistent marketing message for your spa!

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