Time Blocking and Spa Business

How will you get your growth project done this summer, when all you want to do is anything else?

Much of being a spa entrepreneur is learning the art of prioritization, and then building out your action steps from there. Our schedules, or lack of, and where we put our time is one of the biggest ways we can blow up our best laid plans.  

Step one is to break it down into work and business. Then break it down deeper into the specific areas you need to target in your business. Even then, things come up and you'll notice you will need to be flexible and rigid all at once. Most important is to start to develop a rhythm for your week to week routine. What needs to be done, when in the day that makes sense to do it, and then following through. 

Next, you time block your personal time, the commitments you have made outside of work. The hobbies, and activities that are important to you. for example, reading is a priority for me, so I put block the time to ensure it happens.

Finally, you must stick to it! It may mean you have to revisit your boundaries and redefine them to ensure you are keeping your word to yourself first. Remember, no is a complete sentence, and it's ok to use it. 

In my latest Spa Business Break I walk through a tried and true process to support your progress utilizing an amazing tool I use that I am offering to you for free too!