The One Where I Don't Should On You

When you are in the flurry of chaos; THAT is the moment to debrief.  Notice what you notice.  Whats working and what isn't. Pay attention to the times you said I wish that had been different, or I wish I had thought of that.

Some stock to take:

  • Staff - did I get it right?
  • Organization work/life balance - where did I struggle?
  • Marketing -was it effective? 

This is how we get rid of what we don't like, the inefficient, or non value add work and break the cycle once and for all.

And in this final push and at home at the end of the day remember when the expectations are taking over; the expectations on you and the expectations from you on others, try replacing your expectations with appreciations and see how beautifully your life will change. 

Have a meaningful, joy filled holiday with the ones you love most!