The ONE Thing to Do When Your Spa Business Needs Help

I was a little fired up today. My usual morning routine is to check out conversations happening between spa owners online. And I couldn’t believe I saw it. Again

More of the SAME spa business issues coming from the same spa owners…from the same time last year!

Maybe it’s just me…but I can’t stand sitting in a problem/conflict for very long so; my diagnostic mind immediately starts looking for how I can find a solution.

Notice I said, “how I can find a solution”. I don’t necessarily know what the solution is right away. But I’m tenacious enough to either search for a DIY or I start looking to hire help and follow through with fixing whatever is broken.

When it comes to being unhappy with where you're at, both in your spa business and personal life, there really is only ONE THING to do when you want to change.


Ya, sounds simple right? But have you noticed that most people want to complain about their spa biz problems rather than fix them? They'll even say "That's it! I've decided!" But their inaction & consequential revenues a year later proves otherwise.

You see, once you’ve made the decision that you’re DONE with the struggle and want your spa to be different, this is when magical changes can happen.

You may say “But Kirsten, I have decided to change. But nothing’s different.”

I say “Bull Shit, you haven’t truly DECIDED to change yet.”

In my opinion, a real decision means you've changed how you think and therefore, so does the trajectory of your approach.

When you've whole-heartedly DECIDED to change, you are ready to do whatever it takes.

It means you take action repeatedly. It means you’ll reach out to people you know (and some you don’t) for help if you’re struggling. It means your curiosity for “getting it right” or learning new processes is never ending until you reach the outcomes you aimed for. 

It means the only thing you give up are excuses.

Now, there are some valid reasons (not to be confused with excuses, btw) why we get stuck in our spa business growth.

  • Fear of coping with success: This is uncharted territory for you! Of course, it’s scary to imagine how you’ll cope!
  • Fear of Selling Out: Estheticians and spa owners are notorious for making a big deal about the reputation they have for giving excellent services, but quietly (and amongst themselves) see profitability as being a “sell-out” to self-care.
  • Fear of Judgment: When you step up your business game, it means you’ll be seen. Your mind can automatically interpret that as being and a big target for judgment. “Who does she think she is?” is a common thought for many female entrepreneurs.

Ironically, despite me putting myself in the camera so often, I can struggle with the attention of so many people. It’s easy to allow negative self-talk to occupy my thoughts when I'm feeling low; “Who do you think you are to command this attention?” “My peers judge me; they don’t think I don’t know enough.” Oh, and on extra special crappy days, I sometimes I battle with “You’re full of shit. No one wants to listen to you.”

If I wasn’t so focused on what I have to contribute to changing how the spa industry does business, life as a women entrepreneurs and how to effect our economy, it could be a quick and slippery slope to paralysis in my business. Which would basically lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy my Ego created & executed to keep me safe...but small.

If you recognize yourself in this topic, I think it's time for soul-searching:

  • Why are you still stuck? What is the real reason?
  • Are you afraid of your perception of success (long hours, time away from family, hyper-focused only on the business & risking personal relationships)?
  • Are you worried friends/family will judge you for being successful (whatever successful means to you)?
  • Is there a fear around being seen as a leader or expert? This could feel like a lot of pressure!

I ask you to dig a little deeper into your own “stuff” because what it boils down to is your spa business will always show you where you are in your own personal development; what need to heal and what’s ready to grow. But true to human nature, we tend to subconsciously resist these opportunities to thrive.

Look at deciding is like a muscle. We can choose to enhance this characteristic by connecting the realities of our fears (FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real) and healing them through awareness and conscious action steps that bring us closer to our spa business goals.

Or we can let those skills atrophy. But so will your dreams & ambitions.