The Best Thing Your Business Will Ever Do

The Best Thing Your Business Will Ever Do

Rarely are we pushed to do great things without coming face-to-face with our greatest fears. <-Click to tweet

Frustration, worry, anger, worry, hopelessness, worry.

I’ve experienced all these emotions in my business. Multiple times. On many occasions, all at once.

I’ve had those ‘dark night of the soul’ moments as a salon owner, when all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and wish it away, wondering how I will pay my staff, my rent, and even myself.

What pulled me out of this dark existence was a conscious desire to get to the bottom of it. I knew there was a reason for my suffering.

I had to become so uncomfortable with my pain that I was willing to cut through all my excuses and blame to discover what I really needed to learn: to know my own strength.

Understanding this lesson was something akin to my mother stroking my head as a child whispering, “You’ll be ok, honey. You can do this.”

It was then that I was able to pick myself up, dust myself off and, even though I still didn’t know exactly what to do, I knew there was an answer somewhere. Those little whispers helped me remember I had the strength, courage and desire to find a solution that would help me out of a hot mess.

And it worked.

Business is about relationships. And the most important person that it needs to communicate with is you. <-Click to tweet

Your company will poke, prod & unnerve you until you are ready to listen to its wisdom. If you allow it to, your business will be the best life coach you will ever have.