The BEST Spa Business Advice I Have Ever Received

Do you ever feel like your spa business is all over the place? You have this vision of how you want your spa to run. You see a team that runs like a well-oiled machine, or a flawless system to maintain your books and cash-flow but in real life you can’t quite make it all run according to plan.

I was in this very place once and all it took was one simple phrase to change the outlook I had on my spa business: No Compromise Leadership. This tough love moment was my big “aha” moment to where I realized that I was compromising my leadership in a big way. It was in that moment that I knew what I needed to do: To put in the hard work to get my spa organized.

Your spa needs strong systems in place to run smoothly, and if your spa lacks these systems needed to succeed, that is all on you. As the leader and owner at your spa you must lay out every system and procedure needed to run your spa. This will mean creating manuals and protocols for every item on your spa menu. This will mean spending time creating handbooks for your staff. This will mean creating a system to track and manage your cash flow. It all needs to be done, and you are the one responsible for making this happen.

Watch the video below to learn more about No Compromise Leadership, what it means, and how to use it to organize your spa.

If you are serious about getting your spa systems up and running, please contact me so we can talk more about how I can help!