Where Do You Think You're Going?

Where Do You Think You're Going?

I used to laugh when I meet someone new, and they asked what I did for a living. “I own and operate a spa.” I would say. Then I'd wait for it. “Oh! That must be such a relaxing job!” they would reply, eyes bright and imagining working in a candle-lit room, listening to spa music and giving a facial. Yes, that sounds like it would be an amazing career! LOL. Nothing could be further than the truth though.

10 Tips for Using Instagram at a Conference

I’m usually a pretty extroverted person when it comes to meeting new people, but when I’m at a conference where I don’t know anyone, I feel awkward when I try to make new connections. I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to create and nurture new professional relationships in person if I was truly introverted. Just this last weekend I attended Serious Business in New Orleans and had this exact experience. I was able to introduce myself and network with less than a handful of people (most of whom I was sitting beside in different classes).  I really felt like I was missing out on a whole lot of interacting because most attendees were there with their salon team and it felt difficult to respectfully break into a conversation.

So instead of missing out on all the networking I could be having, I used social media, particularly Instagram, to connect and engage with presenters and other participants.

I’ve made you a short list of how to use Instagram to break into a new professional social circle without feeling awkward, plus use it to create awareness for your business.

Before The Event:

1)  Take a look at your favourite companies attending the conference & follow as many of the speakers & vendors as you can. This saves you time trying to find their Instagram accounts while your at the show.

2)  If you know you will be using certain hashtags throughout the event, use the NOTES app on your phone, enter those hashtags and save. When you are ready to post, simply copy & past from your notes into your caption and you’re ready to post on the fly with lots of relevant hashtags!

3)  If you are an employee, ask your salon or spa owner if they have a hashtag they would like you to use to help bring awareness to the business. You can also create your own hashtag to brand yourself as a service provider.

4)  If you are a salon owner, and you don’t have a brand hashtag…start figuring that out now. Be sure to research before making a final decicion…some hashtags could be darn-right embarrassing!

5)  A few weeks before the show, begin telling your clientele that you will be live-posting from the conference and ask them for a follow. You should already have your social media information posted around the salon at stations, change rooms/bathrooms, reception and in your newsletters.

At The Event:

6)  Post images that is consistent with your brand, your personal interests and images that inspire you. Use a photo app like WordSwag to create your own quotes when you are in between classes.

7)  Leverage your Instagram reach by connecting your account to your Facebook and Twitter account and share your post with both.

8)  Search Instagram using the conference hashtag to find other participants using Instagram (and other social media). By following their account, liking or commenting on their posts, it is probable to get a ‘follow back’. This is a great way to network if you are shy!

9)  Use Instagram video to capture the real feel of the show.

10)  "Thank you’s" are always appreciated! When you are taking a class,  post a pic of some of your notes, a shot of the room or an image of a slide that really resonates with you and include a “Thanks @______!”.  The presenter will probably be checking their social media afterwards and you may be able to make a personal connection to a thought leader in your industry by tagging their handle!

Bonus Tip: Another great social media platform to use during a conference is LinkedIn. If you don’t have your LinkedIn address on a business card, be sure to post it in your social media profiles for attendees and new colleagues to find you on a business-to-business platform.

I had a fantastic time while at Serious Business and I didn’t let my shyness and lack of previous connections keep me from meeting new contemporaries. Now, I have a whole year to nurture these new relationships online and will have a much easier time networking in person at next years event.

The boring definition of networking means “interacting with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one's career”. I prefer to think of it as creating and nurturing my professional relationships…and as a beauty service provider, we are great at that!

Will I see you in Vancouver, BC Canada for the ESI Spa Show on February 15th & 16th?  Let's connect before the conference!

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3 Easy Steps for Record-Breaking Holiday Sales

3 Easy Steps for Record Breaking Holiday Sales

How is your holiday season planning going? Hopefully, you are aware of the countdown until your salon hits the largest sales generating event of the year. There are only nine weeks until C-Day and no time to waste on planning a successful holiday season. Here are three big, but EASY, marketing ideas that will accelerate your gift certificate, service and product sales to make your business bank account as jolly as Old St. Nick.

1. Start seeding the idea of EASY gift certificate sales with wish lists & instant online purchase options.

Keep track of your client’s favorite services (or ones they wish they could add to their time with you) and mark it in their client file. Nothing says ‘that was easy’ for both giver and recipient when guest services can recommend exactly what’s on your guests wish list. Notify your clients with in-salon notices, social media posts and email blasts that you are offering this service.

Do you have a service that can handle instant online gift certificates? I’ve used for years. This service is perfect for solo owner/operators, salons that have a busy front desk AND to take advantage of sales during the hours your salon is not open. Gift card purchasers don’t even have to get out of their PJ’s, find your salon or even live in the same city! Purchasers and recipients have consistently given me rave reviews about this instant online gift certificate option.

You could have this service up and running with this in a few days….then promote the hell out of it until Christmas.

2. Finish your holiday marketing plan now, so your December rush is smooth sailing.

Get out your calendar and mark which days you plan on sending email blasts (really, once per week is NOT too much) and social media posts (once per day from December 1st) for Holiday promotions. Then MAKE those marketing materials. Change up your wording, the offers and the images so you don’t keep posting the same content over and over (boring!)

Most email management systems & social media platforms allow you to make scheduled emails and posts. Put aside one day next week for creating all your promotions then set them on auto-post. Done.

3. Re-arrange your retail shelves and refocus products for easy guest self-selection.

There are products on your shelves that need to be re-positioned to take full advantage of winter needs and holiday impulse buying. For example, put moisturizers that relieve dry skin from the cold winter weather, anti-frizz hairspray and Warm Buddies on the shelves that get the most attention. Use shelf talkers to point out the benefits.

Small items like nail polishes & travel-sized products go on the reception desk (just make sure it’s not too cluttered and switch it up to keep the space interesting!) to stimulate impulse buying power.

So there you have it, three super-easy sales strategies that will make your business smooth & profitable during the busiest season in the salon and spa industry. Pick one or be a superstar and complete all three. Don’t forget to look at your last years gift certificate, service and retail sales to make new, stronger goals for December 31st.

For an extra gold star, gamify your goals and see how far you can blast past the previous years numbers!

Note: If you’d like some help creating easy record-breaking sales for your salon this season, click here, and we’ll set up a free 30 min Discovery Session to start the process. One, one-hour coaching session, should do the trick!