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When Dreams Are Too Big

Big Dreams

 You have big dreams to open your own business. You love daydreaming about it: the happiness it will bring into your life and what abundance will come with it.

In fact, it’s one of your better daydreams that keeps you occupied during your lack-lustre job.

But that, my friends, is where the entrepreneurial dream ends for most people.

Why?  The dream feels too big!

It feels too far away and you simply can’t fathom how to get from here to there.

How can you move from boredom/unhappiness to freedom?  How do you transition from a day job that pays the bills to the joyfulness of being your own boss, doing what you love and that pays more than just the bills?

You've been looking at the logistics of what you think you need to get there (business plan, money, marketing, staffing) and you come to a screeching halt at the sheer pile of your ‘to-do’ list.

Enter stage left: overwhelm. You decide to put your idea on the ‘Maybe Later’ shelf.

Wait! Don’t put it on that shelf!  Deep down you know you’ll never get to it if you leave it there to collect dust.

I have a present for you: a simple mind shift that will help you clearly see the steps to your dream job.

Break the big dream down.

Crumble the dream into simple, bite-sized bits intended to teach you what you need to know for the final feast.

For example: Let’s say I’m an avid dog person with a 9-5 job as a Legal Assistant. My day job has been paying the bills and affords me my yearly tropical vacation. But the reality is I am so done with being a Legal Assistant but I can’t see a way to transition into what I really want to do: to open a Doggie Daycare. The thought of being with dogs all day (walks at the beach or park, snuggles with the pooches & maybe some grooming) lifts my spirits to amazing heights. I really want that life but I need the income from my current day job. How do I start the transition?

Here's the details:

 5 Bite-Sized Bits For You Start the Transition

I recommend you take one at a time (but in no particular order) so you don’t get overwhelmed and stop altogether. Just keep moving...just keep moving...

#1 - Educate yourself with introductory classes. In relation to the example above I would recommend taking some sort of simple, part-time class in the canine field (dog training, introduction to grooming, dog behavior). It doesn’t have to be a big, expensive course for this step...just something to get you focused on what you really want to be doing.

#2 - Start your own little part-time micro-business in your desired field. You may not have the money or savvy business knowledge required to open a bigger biz but you can start small to get your feet wet. With the doggie daycare example, I could start putting the word out to friends & family that I will dog sit your pooch in my home when they’re away on holidays. I would decide on what I would charge, order some business cards from and voila! I’m in business working towards my dream. It doesn't have to be complicated! The goal with this step is to begin creating a reputation in your field.

#3 - Absorb your desired industry. Find interesting websites & bloggers to read (create a special bookmark folder to save for later inspiration) and follow other entrepreneurs in your field on Facebook, twitter & LinkedIn. There has never been an easier time to connect with exactly the people you want to learn from! Join a free networking group in your area ( of like-minded people or create one yourself. The idea here is to immerse yourself in the energy of your industry and start getting comfortable with moving around in it.

#4 - Connect with business owners that are farther along the path than you. Request to meet for coffee to ask them about their industry: what you should expect for wages, what they see as the future for the industry and what they would recommend you do to get yourself there.

When I owned my spa I occasionally had women do just this. These young ladies were looking to get into the spa industry and before they committed to the esthetics program (which is $12,000), they wanted to be sure they knew what they were getting themselves into after graduation. I was a seasoned esthetician & spa owner and I loved to share my recommendations with them. I felt that if they had enough confidence to request a meeting with someone they didn’t know in order for them to make the right decision for their career, I was more than willing to give them my time & thoughts. I continued to mentor some of these women and felt my heart swell with happiness with their success. You may be surprised by who wants to help you!

#5 - You + Learning = Amazing You. Keep your eyes out for more classes or workshops for yourself. Don’t limit yourself to business or dog courses...look at personal development training as well. The better you know yourself the more clear your business path will be. Consider these courses as part of your training program for your Business Dream.

All of these steps can be done while you still have your full-time job that’s paying the bills. Working towards you business dream will take time and energy within your personal time, but a funny thing happens: you find yourself excited by this prep work and it doesn’t feel like ‘work’ feels like FUN!

You wake up on your days off early, refreshed and thinking about what you can do today that will move you in the direction you want to be. Happy. Content. Fulfilled.

For more information on how to transition your current soul-sapped career to the energy-filling job you desire contact me here.

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