first steps

Go & Tell’ve got your skill. You’ve got your business idea. Now what?

Time to ‘OUT’ your business!

Yup. You’re in the ‘scary, exciting, omg-am-I-really-doing-this-buisness-thing, woo-hoo!’ phase.  Congrats! It’s a whole new, thrilling world you are about to enter!

But don’t be scared...I’m going to give you a HUGE tip to get started:

The most fastest, most cost effective way to ‘out’ your business is to create a Facebook Fan page.


#1 - It’s FREE!

#2 - YOU CONTROL ALL YOUR CONTENT. This is as opposed to a traditional website. With a Facebook Fan Page you’re not dependent on the time & money it takes for your web designer to make changes.

#3 - It has an incredible capacity to REACH ALL YOUR FRIENDS, your friends friends, and so on & so on. Think about that. That’s thousands of people!

#4 - Sharing your content happens INSTANTLY.

#5 - You have the ability to intertwine your personal life with your business life. This is a fairly new concept in business, one that the Big Businesses are having trouble with because they are so huge! Interestingly, these guys have been experimenting with their Facebook pages in an attempt to create a more personal feel. Here’s your leg-up on the Big’re already a small business and your customers will trust you more if you are willing to share some of your life outside of business. The truth is when your prospects start feeling they know you, IT BOOSTS YOUR 'KNOW, LIKE & TRUST' FACTOR...and it’s much easier for you to convert them to new customer status!

#6 - You can create INEXPENSIVE ADS THAT ARE HIGHLY TARGETED. Facebook literally walks you through creating ads for your business and allows you to cap how much you want to spend.

#7 - You can CREATE EMAIL CAPTURES TO GROW YOUR LIST (note: the bigger your list, the more growing capabilities for your biz) through apps like Shortstack.

But does creating or updating a Facebook Fan Page feel overwhelming to you?

I must introduce you to Lunabean Media. This lovely couple from Oregon have created a series of bite-sized video tutorials that take you from knowing nothing about Facebook all the way to creating slick-looking contests and ad campaigns.

The class you want is called DIY Web Marketing.

If you already have some experience with Facebook you can simply jump in at the level you’re at! I highly recommend this series.

What about a website, you say?

You gotta do that too. But first…create your Facebook page because it's hands-down the quickest, most cost effective method to get yourself 'out there'.