Supercharge Your Salon Sales

Supercharge Your Salon Sales

Last week I wrote about how to know if you are ready to expand your business. In that article I pointed out the magic report to analyze in your salon reports is productivity.  If you are 80% booked, then it is time to start seriously planning your next business move.  The other, most important aspect of knowing if you’re ready to expand is to be exceptionally honest with yourself: are you really cut out for a bigger responsibility?

If you have answered yes to 80% productivity but no to a bigger salon, then I have three strategies for you to supercharge your salon sales without having to move or hire staff.

1. Become THE Expert

After you have been in business for a few years, you may, as most cosmetologists do,  gravitate towards a few services they love doing best.  Like you have heard me say before, what you love doing most is where you shine.  Switch from being “being all things to all people” to positioning your marketing material as an expert in that particular service.  If, for example, you love giving facials…start calling yourself a Skin Care Expert (rather than an esthetician) and begin actively promoting only facials.  This isn’t to say you drop all other services right away, but begin the transition so that one day your schedule will be heavily booked with skin treatments.

2.  Cull The Lower Priced Services

Look at what services are not making you much money and remove them from your treatment menu.  Now you have more room to book those higher dollar-per-hour services!

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One of the first services I removed off my list was manicures, I always found them tedious and it annoyed me the polish never lasted like pedicures do.  Plus, there was a definite ceiling of how much I could charge.  Besides, if I could give a Brazilian bikini wax for $40 in 15 minutes, why would I want to give a manicure for $40 in 60 minutes?  What we sell is time…and I’d like to work smarter, not harder, thank you very much.

3.  Raise Your Rates

If you are at 80% productivity (check your reports to see where you stand), and do not wish to expand your business, it is time to raise your rates.

Yes, you may have some attrition… do not freak out.  A few guests will leave, however the majority will stay with you and while your reputation continues to grow, you’ll attract more of those that are willing to pay a little bit more for your expertise.  Then, when you are at 80% productive again, you raise them a bit more until you hit the ceiling of what you can charge in your area for your expertise.  Test it out… you may be surprised at the price point you can command!

Please note: What you think should be a ceiling may not be real. Just because there are industry guidelines for certain service prices does not mean you need to stick to them.

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So, if you are at the stage in your business lifecycle where you are looking to shift gears and take it to the next level without an physical expansion, you now have three clear strategies to begin working more efficiently with the space you have to maximize sales & profits.

Do you know you should be ready to make these changes to your salon or spa business, but lack the courage to tackle the process? Contact me here for a complimentary session to see the plan I would make especially for you!

I'd love to hear your comments!  Beside it being a fun way to connect with you... I'm delighted to know that it's not just my mom reading this!