Structure and Fluidity in Spa Business

We are not taught in school how to start a business.  Just that you can.  School is your biggest cheerleader, but your worst teacher when it comes to opening your own spa.

Many spa owners go for years without knowing what they should/could be doing.  The transition curve is strong, and challenging, but once you hit your wall, and your go or no go decision creeps in; THAT is the moment you need to lean in and step up your administrative and management game.

So, where do you start? 

It's scary and its confusing and we are really just reacting; to pricing, marketing, staffing, policy.  How do we take things from a wing and a prayer to structure and system/process? How do we get the repeatable results that we want without being so rigid we lose our flow.

I talk about getting organized and process driven but also allowing space and opportunity to be expansive and open in the below live video.