Span of Control and Your Spa

Typically training for estheticians has never been great at teaching actionable process, especially when it comes to managing people. We need to get better at this as an industry, and as individual spa owners.

Enter the Span of Control Theory

  1. the area of activity or number of functions, people, or things for which an individual or organization is responsible.

Within any business span of control is the optimum amount of people you can effectively lead before the outcomes and leadership will be effective. 

This feels completely relevant for your spa business. Particularity with spa owners who are planning to add a team or already have one and are struggling with not managing the way the team needs or how you would like. If you are a loan wolf and you don't have support staff to delegate supervisory or management elements to it is no wonder you are overwhelmed and on edge. You are far outside your span of control. 

But, what is the right number?

In my husband's office they have determined the standard number to be 7. Seven individuals to one. In the spa industry each situation is different depending on what tools, processes, and supports you have in place already, and your own leadership style and personality. 

Now, what?

  1. Hire a virtual assistant and offload the low level tasks to get you back in the drivers seat.

  2. Read The E Myth....THEN develop a management system and tools starting with an operations manual to direct your team, and policies and procedures to support and drive accountability

  3. Promote or hire support in your spa to delegate day to day operation responsibilities to. And then delegate them.