Spa Talk: Difficult & Awkward Conversations at Work

All spa owners and their staff know that work can be far from a relaxing, peaceful place to be. 

Don't get me wrong, in many ways our esthetic careers can be extremely fulfilling.

But the fact remains that the frenetic behind-the-scenes pace (that our clients don't see thankfully) isn't all sweetness + light.

Rushing to clean-up and set-up between clients. Returning calls. The never-ending pile of white laundry. Clients that arrive late. Clients that are cranky. Clients that are needy and want to chat past their appointment time. Staff calling in sick. Staff distracted with personal stuff. Staff who pull more than their weight and helping their team out. 

It can be a down-right gong-show back there, but we carefully orchestrate the spa to look like the epitome of zen for the sake of our guests.

Which we handle, right? Just another day at work, to be honest.

But there's one aspect of the less-than-peacefull-spa-space that we owners often shy away from and, which can create a significant impact to our sales, culture and client retention: difficult and/or awkward conversations you know you need to have a staff member or client. 

No one likes these interactions. But if there's an issue that needs to be discussed that has to do with the health of your business, culture, and clients...it would be irresponsible in your leadership to ignore it.

On Thursday, I dove into this conversation during a Facebook Live to help you uncover the reasons why difficult or awkward conversations are so uncomfortable for us, especially women.

Starting Tuesday, November 21st + 22nd, 2017...

Never feel paralyzed by worry of hurting feelings or triggered into anger by difficult or awkward conversations with your team or clients again. 

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