Spa Marketing: Are You Speaking the Right Language?

The words you choose in your marketing is flavoured with a language and tone that could be inadvertently causing your marketing efforts to fall flat. This concept of speaking your client’s language to improve marketing outcomes is a mixture of psychology and business.

Step 1 – Be clear on WHO your Ideal Client is

Ok…I gotta be honest, this isn’t as simple as basic demographics like gender, age or profession. Knowing who they are has to do with a group of people who have a specific problem that needs solving. Often you do end up seeing a pattern of gender and age…however, that data isn’t as important as knowing their concerns and behaviors driven by their issues.

Step 2 – Research your Ideal Clients language on Social

This step is part of ‘listening’ on Social Media (I did a Scope about this last week). Look up hashtags of your area. Look at posts from people who you think may be your Ideal Client and pay attention to their tone and language. This isn’t an exact science…it’s just paying attention and noticing patterns.

For example, younger generations, like Millennials, tend to be a little (or a lot!) sexy, edgy and sarcastic when posting on Social Media. Gen X’s speak much more conservatively.

If it turns out your Ideal Clients are Millennials and you are a Gen X’er…the communication in your marketing may be waaaay off. Which could be why you’re not seeing a great ROI on your efforts.

Step 3 - Practice, practice, practice

It takes time to figure out our Ideal Clients (like A LOT of time & research to really nail it), so don’t expect to search a few hashtags on Instagram or Twitter and have this whole “speaking the right language” thing down pat. Just like it takes time getting to know and nurture the relationship of a valued new friend...same goes for your clientele. 

Listen, so don't think for a minute this exercise is a walk in the park. It takes commitment and loads of listening, to create and test (over & over) what language your clients really speak. But once you start down this path of discovery, you'll find your marketing copy, the conversations you have in the treatment room and how you engage on social media will net you big ROI.