Spa Business Coaching Demo

Do you have a hundred things to manage in your spa business...and can't stay focused on the best revenue makers? Are you dropping the ball on your to-do list & accountability? 

What if you needed serious improvements to the number of clients re-booking, but you had no idea of where to get started with this problem?

What if you want to increase the number of facial clients in a business that is predominantly sugaring?

These were a few questions three spa owners had last week so I gathered them together for a small group coaching session to demonstrate how much each spa owner can learn in a short period of time.

For myself, joining a group coaching program many years ago was my first foray into paid mentorship & coaching for my own business. I'd always had a knack for entrepreneurship, but the reality was...I couldn't possibly reach the high levels of financial and professional success I wanted, without help. I had too many questions and it was taking me too long to figure it out on my own.

As a spa owner juggling marketing, treatments, staff, client retention, retail sales (just to name of few of the bazillion things you do every week), I know this is true for you too. 

Here's the truth: It's just too much to handle on your own AND be strategic, creative and accountable. 

AND you need it to work within your budget. The big questions is for many of you is "What if I want to hire a spa business coach to help design and create crystal clear spa business direction, but I can't afford the private fees?"

Here's what I did for my own business many years ago...

I joined a year-long group coaching program (I ended up spending 2 wonderfully productive & smarty-pants years in - thanks Andrea J Lee!) until I increased my sales to a point where I could afford private coaching. And when I hit the private coaching...hooooly cow...my revenues made huge strides.

I know this path works for massive business growth and development because I and many of my coaching colleagues have done it...all with similar financial & business rewards. 

I want this same transformative work for my spa business tribe. YOU.

This week, I'm launching a 5-month group coaching program called Spa Business Masters that begins the week of July 4th (only 5 weeks away). 

And to give you a small taste of what it's like to receive coaching in this manner, I decided to run a 40-min coaching demo of how this particular group coaching will work in Spa Business Masters.

What can you expect? Highly focused coaching for your specific spa questions & issues PLUS personal accountability to your bi-monthly Action Steps.

Want to see this in action? Click below to watch this 40 min group coaching demo!

If you are ready to say "YES please!" to joining us in Spa Business Masters Group Coaching Program, let me know ASAP as space is very limited (only 3 groups of 5 people each). Fill out the registration form on the sales page or email me to begin holding your place.

If you think this might be a good fit for you, but unsure and need to chat about it...please do! I'd be happy to have an honest conversation whether this program is your best option.

You can reach me at kirsten@kirstenfoss.com.


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