Spa Business: Are You Truly Independant?

Happy Canada Day! And to my American friends…Happy 4th of July on Saturday! One of the big reasons I opened my own business was because I wanted the freedom and independence to give back to the women in my community.

From the time I was 16 years old, I had very specific ideas and inspirations that were enormously significant on my quest to create a nurturing space in which to support success in the lives of the women who came to me for treatments.

I was passionate (borderline obsessed) with “My Why” when I hung my first shingle. I wanted women to have a cherished place to replenish their energy; where she could receive instead of always giving. I believed that when a woman feels better about herself, she has the energetic reserves to give to others. I wanted to end the plight of the emotionally and physically tapped-out woman.

I know I’ve touched many of my client’s lives in profound ways, helping them replenish their energy via a lovely spa treatment, but ironically, as my business grew, it was my life that started becoming depleted.

I had to redefine what I considered successful; what I saw as freedom in my life. Was I really independent if I was shackled to my business and didn't have the financial means to make certain choices?

After months of pondering this question, it boiled down to a single thought: freedom and independence means having choices.

The choice to create a schedule that works for myself and my family.
The choice to change directions in my business when I felt it needed to.
The choice to move on to a different career if my body wasn’t happy.
The choice to take time off if I got sick or simply needed a break.

But here’s the thing. Some of these choices have fairly big financial consequences. And if my bank account wasn’t in the position to handle a change, my hands were tied. I really had no choices at all.

So even though I thought I was ‘independent’ in my spa, and ‘free’ to do what I wanted in my business, I needed to make sure my business could financially allow me to be free. This wasn't some financial freedom commercial. This was my life.

I am so thankful that I invested in spa business training 13 years ago, because when I needed to make adjustments, my solo-business was in a financial position to make profound changes.

When my first marriage ended, I stopped working Saturdays and finished up my days at 2:30 so I could pick up my 5 year old. When my body started to feel chronic pain, I removed the spa services that gave me the most grief. When I was feeling 'done' with giving treatments, I was able to shift my time to coaching.

At each of these life changes, it was pretty awesome that I could still bring home a healthy pay check to support my family.  

Although learning about the numbers of your business is usually the last thing you are interested in (hey, if you were interested in business school, you would have gotten your MBA, not your esthetics diploma), it’s essential for your personal & emotional freedom to start getting smart about it.

Become truly independent in your business. Have the freedom to make choices.

Do you want to find out if your spa business is truly independent? Schedule a 1 hr, no commitment private coaching session with me. Together we'll figure out the best way for you to have more choices.