Six Ways To Combat Your Spa Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue, what is it and are you suffering? 

Decision fatigue might be a new concept for you. Maybe you've heard it before but you never felt it pertained to you? Could it be why you are struggling, why you are feeling the way you are where decision making suddenly feels like an impossible chore? When you are fatigued making SO MANY decisions day after day, hour after hour, and then doing the same when you go home at night. It's impossible for you to be your best. 

Today's Facebook live is all about hitting the reset button and giving you tools to manage this fatigue so it is not so taxing on you, and so you can make better decisions and feel lighter. 

  1. Work When You Are Strongest: Identify your key decision making time, when you are freshest and most capable, optimize it and work with that rhythm.
  2. Eat the Frog: Do the hardest tasks first before you get to the other task to make sure we get that stuff done
  3. Reevaluate Your Values: Get clear on your personal and professional values, then you have a place to go back to when you feel overwhelmed confused. It's a great way to get back to your core.  
  4. Nourish Beautifully: Nourish you body and your brain. Eat healthy, drink water, get sleep.
  5. Ask For Help: As an entrepreneur, and a mother, and a wife and a friend and a human with a life and obligations and needs, you must give yourself permission to ask for help otherwise it will lead to burn out. 
  6. Be Gentle With Yourself: Lower your expectations to a reasonable and honest place. Show grace. Give yourself permission to say no.