Sell With Your Ears

In the early years of my career as an esthetician, I would have never admitted to being in ‘sales’ (how crass!)

I saw myself as an esthetician who’s only focus was to grow her clientele by giving outstanding treatments. I relied heavily on word-of-mouth as my primary mode of business growth and this tactic worked exceptionally well for me to grow a profitable salon business.

However, there was something else going on (that I didn’t realize at the time) that was drastically improving my chances of keeping a new client once she was in my treatment room. In fact, something interesting was happening even when they called to schedule their appointments.

I asked questions. Then I listened.

Then I asked more questions.

Whether you are an esthetician, lasher, nail tech or receptionist, the key to making the sale is to listen carefully and attentively to your guests needs and wants. The recommendations you give should be a blend of your professional opinion and their needs/wants/desires.

But here is where most of you go wrong.

You are often so excited to share the plethora of knowledge you have and the list of treatments we offer, you forget the spa experience is only about the guest… and you mess up your sales by blathering on about what you think she should have or use.

If you want to wow your new client and make them a "forever client", ask questions!

  • "Have you been to see us for something else?"
  • "Is this for a special occasion or maintenance?"
  • "When was your last treatment?"
  • "Are you familiar with our product line x?"
  • "How can we make this appointment special for you?"

When you ask genuine questions that will improve their experience, guests feel treasured. It's the beginning of a beautiful relationship steeped in trust.

Each answer your prospect gives, it will allow you a better idea of how to prove your spas value. Her answers are clues for you to stitch together to see how you can fill her needs in ways a previous spa couldn’t.

If you're looking for a powerful tool to up your selling "game", genuine listening is a tactic that works exceptionally well.

Everyone wants to be heard. Everyone hopes to be understood.

For you, asking questions and listening as a sales method does not feel 'sales-y'. It feels human. It feels generous.

So if you are wondering how to improve your service and retail sales, try asking questions. Then close your mouth and open your ears. What will you hear at the end of the conversation? The till ringing.