Say Yes to the Dress: Made to Order Spa Biz Training

Say Yes to the Dress: Spa Biz Training

Last week I began sharing the different methods of business training spa owners can use, and I pointed out the similarities between DYI education and the Off-The-Rack wedding dress. As spa owners, we have many hats to wear (the marketing hat, the HR hat, the bookkeeper hat, the trainer hat, among others) which means we have an incredible amount of business to learn! We must constantly fine-tune the spa for profit, customer satisfaction, company culture and owner happiness. It’s difficult to know which level of learning is best suited for your budget and fast-tracking high-end outcomes.

I'm positive you have already dipped your toes in DIY training. But what happens when you and your business need more direction and accountability than what DIY or “Off-The-Rack” education can give you? The next level of business training you could look at is Group Coaching.

Let me discuss how the Made-to-Order dress is similar to Group Coaching program.

This dress is not an original-to-you, custom designed garment (that you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl). But it is a gorgeous alternative that has a less expensive price tag. You choose a sample dress and with this option, you are measured by an expert to ensure the gown fits you as best as possible within the parameters of the design.

With Group Coaching programs, you will most likely have a private consultation with your coach to talk about your business needs and wants (to make sure the program is a good fit for you). Once you both confirm this is the right step, you are now responsible for showing up for the teachings, and customizing it to your own spa business. You normally have regular access to your coach online (just like you would go in for dress fittings) to keep you on track and accountable. What I love about Group Coaching is that on top of the monthly coaching calls, I've learned a tremendous amount, in response to each teaching, from other entrepreneurs sharing their experience via a private Facebook group. One of the biggest complaints I hear from spa entrepreneurs is how alone they feel in their business. The trust, collaborations and high-level sharing among group members are golden, and the relationships you make are part of a strong new network of owners on the same learning curve. Plus, you have the coach to moderate and keep everyone focused and on track.

What is the compromise in Group Coaching? Even though you have the opportunity to ask your coach questions as they come up via the Facebook group, you won’t have the highly customized, long-term strategy plan that comes with Private Coaching strategy sessions. If you are highly focused, it’s possible to make your own strategy document and action it out. And it certainly helps to have your private group members to support the teachings and hold you accountable. This program moves you much further along and at a faster pace than DIY training.

Next week will be the final instalment of Say Yes to the Dress (and Your Spa Biz) and I’ll explain how Private Coaching works, the outcomes and why it is similar to the mack daddy of all wedding gowns: The Custom Dress.


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