Say Yes to the Dress (and Your Spa Business)

Say Yes to the Dress (and your Spa Business)

One of the most common questions I get asked is "I know I need help with my spa business, but I'm on a budget. What do I need to know about the different levels of training out there?" There are three different options to educate yourself on spa business strategy; DIY, Group Coaching or Private Coaching. The best analogy I heard was from one of my mentors Andrea J Lee, comparing business training with wedding dress shopping. I believe we truly are in a relationship with our business...so what better metaphor than a wedding! This week I'm starting with the most basic form of spa business education as Dress #1.

The Off the Rack Dress - DIY Business Training

You may be strapped for time, money or both. Buying a wedding dress off the rack maybe your only option, but there are a few important details you will have to forgo.

An off-the-rack wedding dress is similar to DIY training.

There is nothing wrong with this gown at all, in fact it's beautiful (with a great price tag). However, it probably doesn't fit quite right in all the important places. In fact, you could be shopping for years to find the perfect off-the-rack dress and miss your wedding day! Even if you have a knack at sewing and could make some minor adjustments (like taking up the length), major adjustments for this dress are beyond your expertise.

Essentially, you are sacrificing your dream dress style and perfect fit for an awesome price.

This is the same for DIY business training; you may find you have many unanswered questions regarding how to make the content work specifically for your spa, but the price didn't include customized coaching, so you're on your own.

If you are one of the rare entrepreneurs that have an epic drive & tenacity for business, you can find success in using DIY material to make massive changes in your spa growth. However, this is very unique and the truth is most spa owners really struggle to stay focused and accountable using DIY and never see any worthwhile results.

Personally, I tend to take DIY programs to get to know how and what an educator teaches. But as far as finishing the classes, there have been times in my career when I have been highly motivated and DIY worked really well and I was able to reap huge rewards. But most of the time, I struggle to finish the program. Life gets busy, right?  If I'm not working with a coach, at minimum, I find I needed to find an accountability buddy to keep me on track.

Whatever level of spa business training you have tried or are ready for, know that each one will give you different experiences & outcomes. It all depend on how customized and seamless you want your business education to be.

What is your experience with DIY? Are you one of those entrepreneurs who can stay focused and complete the program fully? Or do you have a wake of unfinished programs you've purchased behind you?


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