Saving Your Sanity - One Spa System at a Time.

Developed systems will save you in your business.  When you have systems, like a staff handbook, your company values and culture, your general policies, your disciplinary directives, become crystal clear. This sets the stage for how you show up as an owner, for what you look for in your staff. For the entire premise of your spa business. 

When we put in the time and effort we are able to get 100% clear about what we stand for and how we do things. One we are clear and documented administrative tasks like the hiring process is streamlined. You are confident in the kind of people you want to bring in as new hires. 

When you have documentation in place, you have transparency in the hiring process. The simple ability to sort who is the right person for your business. On paper and in your culture. 

As humans we love everyone, as owners we must be solid on our core values and see and act on the red flags. When you hire someone that isn't a good fit now you are in a far worse position than you were before. Having clarity around what you are looking for and similarly what is not a good fit, put so much of this issue to rest.