Rules of Engagement

When broaching the topic of a live video, there are instant fears, confidence; how will I show up? Content; what will I say? The unknown; what is it like. 

The thing to remember is consider the business you are in?  You are already engaging and interesting and comfortable with people, and being visible. 

Today's Episode of Spa Business Break I focus on the three keys to creating an engaging Facebook Live. 

  1. Show up -willingly, consistently. And this is something you have already successfully done when you started your business.  When you show up consistently and regularly, you display commitment to clients and potential clients
  2. Be Prepared - Have relevant content, and have your "why this, why now" answers ready to layer on top of the main message. This makes you instantly related to your sustomers
  3. Be real - get comfortable with being human. Being exactly who you are. Remember how you naturally engage with people and just do that.

Your business will be the best life coach you have ever have.  It will identify areas where you struggle, and naturally guide you to develop; lead into some personal growth and push past those fears through growth.