Radical Self Care For Radical Business Growth

If you are hitting burnout in your spa business, it boils down to needing to commit to radical self-care to get yourself out of that place of burnout.

But pay attention: you don’t have to reach burnout to start looking at self-care for radical growth in your business.

Your business will always be your biggest life coach.

If you haven’t already noticed, your spa businesses will often trigger those places in you that still need healing. If you are struggling with dealing with your team or clients -maybe you are having a hard time communicating to staff or you feel triggered by certain clients - pay attention to those emotions because they are often just unresolved stuff that you haven’t dealt with in your personal life.

Could it be time to start dealing with these thing so that it is not affecting you as an entrepreneur? Just like the rest of your life, If you don’t address these old beliefs and triggers as they show up, they will keep coming back and restricting your success.

95% of your mind power comes from your subconscious mind.

This means only 5% of your thinking is coming from the conscious mind! This part of your mind is the part that is making logical decisions, so it just makes sense that as much as you are trying to make it all come together with hard work and new ideas in your business, it can feel like you are never doing enough and are thinking maybe you’re just doomed to fail.

Knowing that the subconscious mind plays such a massive role in everything we do, I decided that I was ready to explore some of my mindset around success, money, being an entrepreneur and being a woman. I noticed that no matter how hard I worked I was always reaching a certain threshold in my business and I was curious to see what kind of changes it would make in my business if I committed to changing some of the negative mindsets that I had. So I started working with my friend and Hypnotherapist, Arne Pederson once a week for the past 3 months.

What started as a commitment to using Hypnotherapy as a self care tool has become an delightful engine for in radical business growth. Business is dramatically up and my stress level is dramatically down. I’ve been getting my subconscious mind to collaborate with my practical, strategic work…it’s pretty wild in terms of output and outcomes!

If you look at any high achievers whether they are in business or athletes, the common thread is that they recognize the act of self-care is directly tied to working at their highest level. This seems like a no brainer but most of us tend to work ourselves to the bone to achieve success.

Self care is not just about booking a massage or having coffee with friends. It is so much more than that. Self care is taking care of yourself from the inside out, if it means working through some of the crap that holds us back first.

I want to ask you: Is your routine of self-care serving you to work at your highest level?

You can find Arne’s Hypnotherapy practice here. Check out his free Hypnosis session optin on his homepage to kickstart creative workflow!