Profits Through Product Knowledge

When you have a deep understanding of the products you carry your retail sales increase, we all know this is a fact. But today I want to expand on this topic and talk about what I feel is broken when it comes to using product knowledge as a sales tool.

In the spa industry, you are continually learning. You send yourself and your team to courses and classes to learn everything there is to know about the products you use. So you have all of the training and knowledge, but now what? Why can't you seem to turn all of that into sales?

I believe there is a gap between having the product knowledge and being able to communicate what you know about that product to the client.

FEATURES VS BENEFITS -It's all about the benefits!

What I often see is that many spa owners and estheticians get caught up in talking about the features of the product and forget to talk about the benefits. It is important though, to tell the client how this particular product going to help them. Why do they need it?

THIS is the only thing that the client cares about.

So how can you get your team in doing this consistently? When you have a sales system, you will have set out sales goals, service goals, and retail goals but you need to give your team some support and tools to help them meet those goals.

Here are a few tools I recommend using to help make sales a bit easier:

  • Sales scripts – This gives your team members a place to start talking and give them the confidence they need to transition from service to sales.

  • Prescription pad – This is especially useful for skin therapist but can be helpful for many different spa service providers from body to nails.

Remember, in the spa business we are primarily selling our time, but if your time is all booked up the only way to leverage your earnings is to improve your retail sales.

Watch the video below to learn more in-depth about communicating product knowledge and if you would like to learn more about sales system contact me for a free 30 minute get acquainted call to see how I can help!