New Facebook Rules For 2015...Don't Get Left Behind


Have you noticed how far Facebook Pages has come since it launched in 2010?

In the beginning, it was a solid opportunity to brand and connect to your social media tribe as well as a strong modality to pull clients into your business…for FREE. After so many years of paying for expensive newspaper ads, yellow pages listing and magazine features, Facebook gave us a welcome break on pricey marketing campaigns.

But like all things business…things change and you need to be adaptable. ☜ Click to Tweet

Lately, Facebook has been rapidly changing your page reach; pushing merchants to use their ad platform in order to maintain the reach you used to have for free.

Starting in January 2015, Facebook is making its biggest change yet. You may not like it, but you DO need to understand how to connect and sell to your fans without Facebook tanking your reach.

“Facebook polled its users and found that they think most Pages focus too heavily on promotions, so starting in January, Pages that are too promo-heavy are going to “see a significant decrease in distribution” for their updates.” -

Don’t shut down your page just yet. Here’s the low-down on how to get the farthest and strongest reach with the new Pages rules for 2015:

1.   You must STOP posting ‘sales-y’ type posts. No calls to action. No promotional images or copy. No contests. No selling. Also, don't post the same content you are using in your ads.

If you choose to disregard, this …the reach to your fans will go from the measly 6% that it currently is, to an atrocious .001%. Yikes.

This is the example Facebook has told us NOT to follow:


2.   Your Facebook posts should pertain to your interests & industry and be considered a resource for your fans. Share articles, blog posts, meme’s and videos. And as a side note, the more popular each of these items are on Facebook, the more it will show up in your fans news feed.

3.   Facebook is still a very inexpensive way to advertise (I’ve done ads for as little as $5/day). Use the ‘promoted posts’ option on your page or, if you want to make extremely targeted ads, learn how to use the Facebook Power Editor.

4.   Keep a fluid mind about Facebook. It WILL keep changing. Accept it and learn what you need to do to work within its parameters.

Very few salons & spas are taking the time to learn how to use Facebook ads; they get frustrated with its lack of success and deem it useless. But here’s the rub: they haven’t taken the time to learn how to use it correctly!

Start with a small budget, the ad outcome, and the desire to ‘get this’. Blend it with a bit of training, and your Facebook ads will go from good to amazing and your phone WILL be ringing off the hook.