My Muse :: Women Entrepreneurs with Heart

I love learning new things! Last month I was introduced to, an global community centered around creativity, collaboration and learning by doing.  I signed up for an online class to learn how to create a video portrait!

The theme of this video production is 'Your Muse'.

I knew right away that my muse is working with women entrepreneurs who want to share their skills in an authentic, soul-filled way.

So… I'll be creating a video that showcases their love, their light + their passion for what they do.

The instructor gave me the most fantastic idea of creating a series of Muse videos of the women I work with.  Love it…doing it!

I'm in the middle of shooting this week but I thought I'd share a sneak peak!

Meet Meghan LeBlanc, co-owner of

If you are interested in sharing your story…let me know!