Spa Marketing + Facebook Live

I last weeks post about hating my business was the catalyst for making a change. I was feeling uninspired. Innovation was elusive. Creativity for marketing wasn’t coming easy, ideas for new services evaded me every time I opened my computer, and I was cranky about it. 

But this roller coaster of entrepreneurship is normal, and I will continue to have periods that leave me frustrated and unfulfilled. The trick is knowing how to shift out of the funk quickly.

One piece of my business that was feeling stagnant was creating videos. 

Don’t get me wrong…I love using video, it’s my favourite way to communicate with you! You get to know me better, and I get to share my energy, my character, and my knowledge.

But in truth, it wasn't what I was sharing in my videos that was leaving me "meh". I was feeling bogged down by the process of making them

Which lead me to take a quiet afternoon on the patio with a bevy and go analog: pen to paper. 

It was by writing out a stream of consciousness about my business that I discovered a window of relief that I explored more deeply: how could I make video creation more interesting for me

I wanted my video process to be more fun not for you, but because I know my creative process opens up and ideas flow freely. (Want a great book on creativity? Elizabeth Gilbert is my #girlcrush) 

See where I’m going with this? The problem wasn’t a marketing issue, nor was it a new income stream issue. It was a me issue

My answer to making it more fun: why not try more Facebook Live rather than pre-recorded and edited video? It’s on-the-fly (or very little prep), unpolished, imperfect and one-take. PERFECT.

And it took all the “should’s” out of making videos for me right now. #NowImCookingWithFire

And there's a crazy big bonus that goes with testing this new process out...

Facebook is encouraging users to use the Live feature by rewarding your biz page with algorithms in which your Live post shows up in more feeds organically (read: free). 

If you haven't already heard, I’m hosting a free webinar on August 22nd on Social Media Marketing Strategies for Spas and using Facebook Live for your spa biz is on the docket to present.

So I thought it would be interesting to conduct an experiment: I will focus on using Facebook Live to bring you spa marketing tips for the whole month leading up to our class…just to see what changes in my analytics. You'll get to see my Facebook Live results on the webinar.

From what I’ve heard from marketing gurus…Facebook Live is generating huge impacts on their pages and the pages of their clients so I'm excited to see what happens!

I’m up for experimenting, so I started today (get back on the horse Kirsten). On this Facebook Live you'll hear about...

  • What happens to your organic reach with you use FB Live
  • How to get started on FB Live if you're nervous or shy
  • Why I'm committing to doing FB Live every week for the next month
  • What topics I'll be focusing on...questions welcome!

Check out the replay!