Managing the Growth of Your Spa

When we are thinking in terms of growing our spas, there is no problem when it comes to coming up with ideas. We are great at coming up with creative and exciting ideas that we just can’t wait to get started on! The problem comes when we actually start to implement our ideas. We find that our ideas aren’t falling into place exactly as we envisioned, or they are just taking too long to take off. We may struggle when it comes to creating a strategy behind the idea, or we may find that we just have too many questions to move forward.

This halt in our spa’s growth strategies can leave us feeling deflated and discouraged. The truth is, the organization and the implementation of your ideas will most likely take way longer than you expect.

For 2019, I would love for you to start adding more time to focus on your initiatives. Going in with the expectation that new spa initiatives will take a bit of time will help keep you in the right mindset.

Check out the video below to learn more tips on setting expectations for the growth of your spa. I also talk about how to control the growth of your spa. When we are ready to speed up the growth of our spa there are changes that need to be made, and the same can be said for when we need to slow down the growth of our spa. Watch the video below to learn how this can be done!

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