Social Media Fans: It's Not A Popularity Contest

You want as many likes and followers on your Social Media platforms as possible, right? YES! The higher your numbers, the higher your street-cred. And that's what using social for business is all about.

Two ways to dramatically increase your following is to use Like Ladders and #F4F (Follow for Follow). However, I don't recommend either of these strategies for growing your fans. 

Not all social media followers are created equal when it comes to marketing your spa and using Like Ladders or #F4F are most likely NOT your target audience...they're filler audience.

And it's a flimsy way to create social proof that you are a beauty leader in your community.

Most spa owners are managing their own Social Media accounts and don't have time to waste on post that don't reach their potential spa guests. So why stack your following with unqualified leads who will never call to book an appointment?? 

I'd much rather have less followers, but have majority be my Ideal Client.

This way I know that my message is reaching the ripest consumers for my services. This saves me energy (I'm literally not wasting my breath on creating content my followers don't care about) and money (in fact it makes me money because I've turned followers into paying clients).

The other negative about using Like Ladders or #F4F is is screws with your social media analytics. I use these metrics to gauge whether my content is increasing my engagement or not. If I have a bunch of random followers I picked up using these tactics (a) they don't care about my topics so they don't engage and (b) the followers that are my Ideal Clients are too small to affect my analytics so I'll never know if what I'm posting is helping generate brand visibility and leading to sales.

In a nutshell, grow your following organically. Use your social platforms as a library of relevant information your client needs, share behind-the-scenes images or videos, post inspirational quotes and showcase your work. 

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