Is This Missing In Your Marketing?

Is this missing in your marketing?

Talk to any salon or spa owner in a business for one year or twenty, and they will tell you the same thing: they love how their guests’ energy sparkles after a treatment. And the big bonus is how owners feel knowing they proved that amazing service. It is usually a big ‘ole love-fest going on around in the salon on a daily basis. So what happens to you when it’s time to turn your attention to marketing?

The love-fest comes to a dead halt.

There’s a pit in your stomach. Physically & energetically you start feeling tight. You’re not sure where to start. You think about what you have tried and can only remember the ones that failed miserably. You worry people won’t respond.  You think maybe you & your business will look foolish. You don’t know what to attempt next.

So you book yourself a pedicure as a welcome distraction. Marketing sucks.

Hold up minute, though. You forgot one thing: marketing is simply communication in a strategic format. <--Click to Tweet

Well hey! You’re good at communicating! You know how to talk to clients, yes? When asked what you do for a living, I’m sure you can elaborate on why you give the best treatment around. When someone poses the question, “What will your treatment do for me?” you could go on forever about how wonderful they will look and feel…and offer to schedule a service. No biggie in talking about that, right?

So what’s different about communicating in your marketing?

As spa owners, we often think there is some magic marketing campaign we don’t know about. True, there are systems of marketing that help get your word out (like email, social media, networking and joint venture partnerships), but what is going on with the small businesses that get their marketing right?

The true alchemy in marketing is clear communication with your own voice. Try not to get caught up in being ‘all business’. Maybe don’t even try to communicate in a sales-y way (because that feels yucky, and it comes across as desperate anyways). Just be you.

Your business is an extension of who you really are. Tap into that. <-- Click to Tweet

Part of building a sustainable business by marketing is to simply create heart-felt and enduring relationships. What’s missing from spa marketing is owners showing a little vulnerability and writing or talking about their business from a purely heart-felt, passionate and fun approach.

I promise you, if you broadcast your business and nurture those professional relationships from the heart, it will land on those clients that feel your connection.  Those people will ask to be your guest for a long time to come.