What It Takes To Be A Stellar Spa Director

This weeks Spa Business Break was a little bit different. I asked my long-time friend & Esty Besty, Tyra Zett to join me in a conversation about being a Spa Director at a facility that had 60 employees at it's peak. I've had the pleasure of working under Tyra as a team member, so I can say from experience...if you want an insider view of being a Spa Director and what it takes for successful leadership...she's a gem of knowledge. So have a listen!

Here's a little peak of what topics we covered in our chat as we pulled back the curtain on Tyra’s position as a Spa Director at a high level spa.

1:50 - What does the role of Spa Director/Spa Manager encompass

2:45 - Creating the guest experience

6:30 - Hiring and Training spa staff

13:30 - Favorite moments and Successes

16:00 - Struggles

19:30 - Nurturing team culture

I have just launched my newly created Spa Manager Manual Template so if you are thinking of hiring a spa manager and you need some guidance along the way contact me! We can chat about how I can help you.