Interview: Retail Sales Catalyst Tazeem Jamal

This week I interviewed Retail Sales Catalyst Tazeem Jamal and we had a great convo about a frustrating, yet highly productive topic in our industry: retail sales in the spa. I think it's fair to say service providers don't LOVE retailing. Often, 'selling' feels like a dirty word. Yet, retail is one of the few ways we can leverage our revenues.

At it's most basic level, we sell time at the spa. And there is only so much time to sell, which means we have a very definitive ceiling as to how much service revenues we can generate.

But retail revenues? Those sales can launch your profits. And if money doesn't motivate you, but people do.... selling retail is a way to work smarter, not harder. I could sell $100 worth of skin care products in 15 mins or I could physically work much longer to make the same sale in a service.

But the best reason to embrace retail sales is all about your guest. We get to educate our clients about the products we, as professionals, love and provide deep value in the process.

Have a listen to Tazeem & I chat about retail stories and motivating staff to sell.