I Have An Attitude


Yup, I do. An attitude of gratitude. As the end of December approaches, I always feel the pull to reflect back on the past year to see where I’ve come from. It helps me focus on the huge strides I’ve taken rather than think about all I have yet to accomplish.

You see, every New Year I choose an intention that I want to focus on for the coming year. Sometimes it’s a word (one year it was “honesty” for both myself and others…and man…did I ever learn about honesty THAT year!)

Sometimes my intentions are a phrase, like it was in January 2014 when I chose “To be seen”.

Why ‘To be seen’?

The first step in creating a strong tribe that will trust you enough to buy is first to make my ideal client aware of myself, what I stand for and what I offer. This year I wanted my honest and heart-felt message to reach all those who needed direction, compassion and mentorship when it comes to their salon business.

So what happened when I choose this ‘to be seen’ intention? BIG opportunities! I feel a little vulnerable sharing my personal intentions, but in doing so, I want to you to see how this process could work in your own life and business.

First, my intentions colour my decisions when I’m looking at my professional development.

This summer I took an online content creation course to learn how to write a blog that is not only provides relevant and helpful information to my tribe, but also creates a ‘sales funnel’ in which my followers trust me enough to purchase.  Going through this course taught me how to promote my knowledge without the icky feeling of sales.

What was the outcome? My email list has over doubled in 5 months, and I’ve had salon owners purchase “Pick My Brain” coaching services & “90 Day Business Breakthrough” packages directly from this list (tip: your email list will always be your strongest marketing tool).

Secondly, I stayed true to my “to be seen” intention when I was looking to create a new revenue streams.

It began last January when I approached a local beauty supply company and asked if they would be interested in having me organize in-person workshops in their facility. This joint venture opportunity has lead me to an invitation to stand in front of hundreds (if not thousands) of people at two different Canadian spa trade shows to share, meet new people, build relationships and present my offer to help.  The gentle progression from small in-person events to webinars to much larger events helped me not to feel overwhelmed in my biz as I was creating new revenue openings.

Third, I worked hard to create opportunities for myself, but they manifested in bigger and more surprising ways than I could have imagined.

In September, after six months of volunteering my time and expertise at their board meetings, ESPABC invited me to become their Director of Marketing and Communications. The exposure to their followers, members, leaders and associated companies has been huge...and it wasn't even on my radar in January 2014.

I’m grateful. So grateful that I have the awareness of setting these powerful intentions that create powerful outcomes (thanks Mom for teaching me that so many years ago).

Grateful that I have met with women all over the world, both virtually and in person, who continue to inspire me with their courage to be entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

Grateful that as I hold my intentions sacred, I am continually shown the way to my own success by other thought leaders before me.

What are you grateful for that happened to you in 2014? And what intention would you like to create for yourself and your business in 2015?

Happy New Year!

Tip:  If you find it difficult to create intentions, I recommend working through Danielle LaPorte's book The Desire Map.  Seriously...it will change how you create your life and therefore your business.