How Would Your Salon Rate?

How Would Your Salon Rate

I was getting my hair done today and of course, I had to dive into some mindless magazine reading while my colour was processing. Allure isn’t a magazine I usually read, but it was at the top of the pile and so…why not? I discovered an interesting “Top 10” article that rated a few US nail salons by their facility, services provided and the extra’s those salons went the distance for. Each salon was rated from 1 to 5 stars. What I found interesting about this article was that I was reading it from the perspective of a salon owner. Right away I wondered how my esthetics studio would be rated.

Reading articles like this is a fantastic opportunity to look at what you & your business is offering and analyze it critically.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1. The Place: If you walked into your salon as a newcomer, what would you see, feel, like & dislike. Try to step away from your ego and be totally HONEST.

Is there continuity with your branding & your facility? Are things looking a little sloppy or dated? What could you be doing better here?

Bottom Line: It’s easy to become complacent in our workspace and not see the details that could derail a new guest from coming back or have an existing client notice your place is NOT looking as good as it used to and decide to go somewhere else.  If you can’t look at it with discerning eyes, ask someone you trust to do it for you.

2. The Service: Are you giving the exact same service you did when you were a fresh & passionate beauty business newbie? If not…why? Is it time to book professional development to feel that excitement for the industry again?

Bottom line: Don’t get caught up in the day-to-day grind of the salon and let the treatments slide.

3. The Extra’s: What extras do you offer that differentiate your business from the salon down the road? Maybe you purposefully don’t offer extra’s because your promise is to deliver fast, thorough express services. But maybe you just haven’t thought about it extras at all!

My favorite idea on extra’s in this article was a nail bar that gave free touch ups within a week of your nail appointment.

Keep in mind though, you don’t HAVE to give extras. One of the salons in this article didn’t give anything but a flat-out awesome treatment.

Bottom line: Think your business promise through and only offer extra’s if they are in alignment with your whole salon concept.

4. Find out the truth about your salon. Scary, I know. No one wants to hear their business is not what it used to be, but this knowledge could be the golden ticket to making BIG shifts in revenues and professional satisfaction.

Bottom Line: Be brave. I challenge you to find a secret shopper to rate your salon. Don’t freak out...because I know you can handle the truth. It’s those entrepreneurs who are willing to be vulnerable that will make giant leaps forward in their business.

After my hair appointment, I walked into my esthetics studio and gave it a very good analysis. I noted the windows need a clean due to the sawdust from neighbour's job site. Yes, I still include a warm eye mask with my facials. spa music probably needs an update. And yes, I still make sure I warmly thank every client for coming when they leave (even if they’ve been seeing me every month for 8 years and we feel like friends).

Great business is in the details AND the follow through. How would your salon rate?

Note: This article can be found in the August 2014 issue of Allure Magazine.