How to Start a Stellar Marketing System For a Flow of New Clients

In case you haven’t figured it out already, marketing in 2017 seems complicated.

Here’s what you’re probably experiencing…

  • You’ve posted specials on your Facebook Page but you’ve yet to see a flood of new guests scheduling appointments.
  • You email your clients once every quarter or so, but hardly anyone takes you up on your offers.
  • You give a fantastic treatment, but don’t understand why your clients aren’t active brand ambassadors. You were really hoping for those referrals to grow your business.

You’re operating your spa in a noisy world where your piece of the economic pie is being taken by companies who are dialed when it comes to creating marketing systems engineered to give them consistent new business.

The frustration for most spa owners is they don’t have in-depth experience as to how their marketing should be set up.

So they generally throw single ideas (usually the latest social media tactic they’ve read about online) at the wall, hoping something will stick. Unfortunately, that approach is expensive in both time & money and rarely nets you a stream of new clients.

What does work? Taking a little bit of time to map out a marketing system for consistent client attraction that incorporates multiple marketing platforms.

What’s in that system?

First, you will include all the platforms where you need to be visible: your website, social media, email, in-spa, joint ventures, print and, networking to name a few.

From there, you’ll assign specific strategies for each marketing platforms and design a process for how each one will work together synergistically to drive traffic to your spa.

Marketing may seem complicated...but it's not. In my opinion, you just need to see how it's mapped out. 

Want to know what "mapping out" a marketing system looks like? Join me on Monday, March 13th for a free spa business training “3 Spa Systems for Consistent Client Attraction, Satisfaction & Retention”! How to create a marketing system is first on the docket!

Plus, when you show up live for the class, I'll gift you with a free Fool-Proof Spa Marketing System Checklist so you can easily get started on creating a unique-to-your-spa marketing system!

Pre-Webinar Prep for Monday

Bring a list of all the marketing platforms you've implemented for your business in the past 12 months: website, social media, email, in-spa, joint ventures, print, networking, Groupons, events, specials/features, newspaper, radio, magazine, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, sandwich boards, direct mail, etc. 

I'll show you what to do with this list on Monday! See you there!