How to Simplify Your Business

Over-thinking, overworked and overwhelmed. 

This is the story of almost every business owner I know, regardless if they're in the spa industry or not.

You have, what feels like, a bazillion responsibilities & tons of pressure; clients who expect exceptional treatments, staff who depend on you for wages, rent, vendors, and your paycheck, just to name a few.

And in the age of Social Media where everyone online seems like their business and life are "amazing!", it's hard not to compare yourself as an entrepreneur and wonder if you're just not cut out for the job.

Woah Nelly...that's not it at all. The problem is you've probably over complicated your business and expectaions.

Here are three reasons why you're over-thinking, overworked and overwhelmed and how to start simplifying the way you do things in your business.

On January 11th, Facebook surprised all of us with huge changes in their algorithms which they'll be rolling out in the next few months to prioritize what they define as "meaningful content". 

Now, more than ever, LIVE video is critical to your social media strategy. Were you prepared for this?

It's not too late to learn. JOIN US - get comfortable and BE VISIBLE using Facebook LIVE! 

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