How To Exceed Your Spa's December Goals!

By now you probably have your December Spa Marketing Plan in place along with a goal for how much you hope your spa earns for the month of December. Today what I want to do is take a deeper look at those numbers to make a stretch goal for your spa and increase your December earnings even more!

The first step to increasing December earnings for your spa is to take a look back at your December earnings from 2017. Be sure to look at both your spa’s retail sales and your service sales so you can analyze the trends for your spa.

After you take a look at your numbers start playing around with them. Take out a calculator and see what it would look like if you would increase your sales goal by 10%. What about 20%?

At this point, many spa owners start feeling overwhelmed with the numbers. At times stretch goals can seem so outlandish that a spa owner starts shying away from these goals because they feel like they cannot attain them. However, I of course have a plan for you to help you see these numbers in a more realistic and manageable way. Watch the full video below to learn simple tips to help you exceed your spa’s December earning goal!

If you are consistently watching my videos and trying to implement my tips and are still feeling overwhelmed and unorganized with your spa systems, I urge you to reach out to talk more about the coaching services I offer!