How to Create Your 2019 Spa Sales Goals

Typically I recommend that spa owners start working on their 2019 goals and plans in October/November so they can get a quick start in 2019. If you are still working on your spa’s sales goals, I have a few pointers for you!

Often times we get so excited about the fresh start for our spa in 2019 that when we are making our goals we fail to take into consideration the trends of the past year (or even years). If we start by taking a look at 2018 and really analyze the goals we had for 2018 versus what actually happened we can have a more realistic vision of what our 2019 should look like.

It also gives us a chance to really reflect and pick apart what worked for our spa and what did not work, as well as the WHY behind the failures and successes. This allows you to take note of the specific reasons an idea did not take off, or what about your efforts really resonated with your clients. This of course allows you to plan your new year based on incorporating more of what worked with your spa and less of what didn’t.

Here are 4 key reflective questions to ask yourself about 2018 when making goals for your spa in 2019!

  1. Did you have a focus?

  2. Was there something that happened in 2018 that was a game changer for you?

  3. Who was your best client?

  4. Did you do monthly profit/loss tracking?

Watch the video below for more insight into each of these questions and how you can use it to plan attainable goals for your spa’s 2019!

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