How Niki Rocks Instagram In Her Salon

How Niki Robison Uses Instagram as as Huge Sales Generator

A few weeks ago I wrote about using Instagram as a really powerful lead generating tactic for your salon.

And seeing as it's sometimes easier to hear how someone else who has used Instagram successfully, I started searching for a dynamo in our industry who is rock'n their Instagram account.

Last week I had the pleasure to interview esthetician extrodinaire Niki Robison of Niki Robison Brow + Skin Studio in Minneapolis and asked her a few questions you'll be dying to know the answers to.

In this video, Niki is graciously sharing her Instagram experience: what's worked, what didn't and what strategies she has lined up for fall.

Watch the video below to learn from Niki how she polished her Instagram platform to be an #InstaAwesome sales engine.


You can find Niki Robison on Instagram by following @nikirobisonbrows and on Facebook. Give her a follow!  After this much success after only one year in business, Niki will be one to watch as her career grows.

Do you have a question that you'd like expanded upon?  Leave it in the comments and either I or Niki will answer.

If you don't have time to watch the whole video and want to cherry pick a topic we discussed, please refer to the timestamps below.

1:39     How Niki got started in her business 3:15     Niki's niche & the success of choosing one 4:43     Did you have a social media plan when you opened your business? 6:48     What social media platforms are you using? 7:23     What is your content strategy for Instagram? 9:44     What is your most effective hashtag strategy? 12:18   Do you geo-tag your posts? 12:48   How clients are starting to promote her. 15:38   How do you ask guests permission to use their image on social media? 17:38   Do you measure your success on Instagram? 19:03   How to make Instagram fun! 20:50   How did you find your social media voice/style? 22:00   What are your most successful posts? 23:25   What platforms have been most successful for your business? 24:28   Do you link your Instagram account to your Facebook business page? 26:14   I'm sharing a fantastic Instagram education source!