Gift Certificate Sales: It could sink your spa biz

December is not that far off. In fact, Christmas is only 8 weeks away and it's THE busiest time of year for gift certificate sales in the spa industry. There are a few points I want you to pay attention to when it comes to raking in all that money in December:

1.  A gift certificate sale is NOT a revenue until it's redeemed. Do not include these sales in your Service goal setting or as taxable income ( the Scope to find out why).

2. At the end of every week, put your Gift Certificate money in a separate account until it's been redeemed. Conversely, transfer it back when the guest has come in to use it.

3. Do not be tempted to "take from Peter to pay Paul" with your Gift Certificate money. This is a vicious circle that is short-term and WILL end badly. Really badly.

Watch the whole Periscope to hear all the details!

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