Healthy Habits and Your Spa Business

You're busy. We are all busy. So busy, that the idea of creating systems seems overwhelming and impossible. Our time and mental bandwidth are taxed and when we are in that space its hard to see value. But, I know when we create systems, as unsexy as it is, it creates  repeatable results. 

Systems for your spa business are like healthy habits. I like to do a comparison to eating. And the habits many business owners develop around eating. The hurried and rushed food choices,last minute, on the go. We drink coffee and tea, eat sugar and carbohydrates, chasing the energy all the time. The habit is eat poorly because we are too busy to make it a priority. But if we made the decision to take some time upfront to plan out our meals, to pack a lunch, to be more mindful of what we are eating, how much better would we feel? 

We must get really good at structuring our personal lives as well as our business because your business will deplete you if you let it. Life can not always be about business. You must make time for other purposeful things.

Its a decision that we can make. That we must make. A decision that will help us clear our minds. Do we want to be wired and tired, and chasing all the time.? Or do we want the mental and physical energy to manage the business in the way we envisioned. The energy to be creative and to action those ideas. 

How does this help you as the owner? How does this better support your staff?