Stop Playing Small at Your Spa

As entrepreneurs we can very easily talk ourselves out of doing extra value add work. Juggling so many things make it simple to say no to the things that feel complicated and time consuming on the back end. But, if you do not have spa systems implemented in your business I am urging you; pause on all the other amazing and brilliant plans you have.

Do this first.

The growth paradox , just because your business is developing, clients are coming, revenue is flowing, its a great problem to have but it can still become an issue. If you need to hire staff, but you don't have training and on-boarding systems in place so you will make missteps and extra work trying to get the new staff members to be successful without appropriate training.

Or lets assume the growth has paused.. Implementing systems, marketing, guest experience client retention tools, creating the repeatable process that you do not have to keep revisiting and redesigning again and again is the best way to continuous success

What got you here, will not get you there; as you build your business there improvements and innovations you identify.. You need systems to review and create visibility into the gaps this enables you to change process when it is not working and document it when it is.

Its time to stop playing small.

This was the topic de jour on Spa Business Break.

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