Fill Daytime Appointments

Here are three steps to filling your daytime schedule:

1. Who IS available during the daytime, during the week?

What kinds of people are available during the day? This group could be shift workers (nurses, emergency workers, waitresses) or those that have flexible schedules (University students, entrepreneurs, stay at home parents, retirees). You'll need to also think about where these people hang out, so you know where to find them with your marketing.

2. Pick ONE of these groups of people and focus your marketing to them.

Pick or create a service that specifically targets what your specific group needs this fall. The key here is FOCUS. Don't get distracted with other demographics that would love this promotion or you'll end up diluting your marketing. Use words & images your group can easily relate to.

3. Hustle with your plan. 

Whether you choose High-Tech (Facebook ads using Power Editor or Boost Post) or Low-Tech (creating flyers/ posters using Canva.com) taking fast action is the next step.

Don't overthink your action steps. If you feel easily overwhelmed with technology, this is not the time to learn something new. Go with the path of least resistance and use Low-Tech marketing tactics.

If you are experiencing a quiet fall because you left your marketing too late, take your business calendar out right now and write FALL MARKETING on May 1st, 2016. That way you will have given yourself enough time to thoughtfully create a plan that you can kick into gear in August and not have to worry about crickets nesting in your spa schedule September 1st.